Is the journal for adults or youth?

Enizagam is for readers. Much of our content comments on mature themes. While our staffers are high school students, Enizagam is created is for writers of the highest caliber, regardless of age. Adults and youth alike can partake in and enjoy it.

After submitting my work, I noticed a typo in the manuscript. Does this hurt my submission?

Typos and formatting issues occur. If your work is accepted, you’ll have the opportunity to suggest edits before we go to press.

Do you accept snail mail submissions?

Generally: no. However, if you absolutely cannot email us a piece – either during our regular submission period, or for the OSA Enizagam Literary Awards in Poetry and Fiction – we will accept work via snail mail. Send your manuscript and cover sheet to: OSA Enizagam Editor, Oakland School for the Arts, 530 Eighteenth Street, Oakland, CA 94612. For contest submissions, include a $20.00 check payable to Oakland School for the Arts, with “Enizagam Awards Entry Fee” in the memo section. We do not accept faxed manuscripts.

I need to withdraw my manuscript.

If you’re withdrawing your work from consideration because it’s been accepted elsewhere – congratulations! Simply email us at enizagamjournal@gmail.com and let us know. Include your last name and manuscript title. We will look forward to reading your next submission.

May I resubmit a piece that has been declined?

Absolutely. Your manuscript may not have fit into a given issue; that doesn’t mean that it will not find a home in Enizagam.

May I submit to the contest and for general consideration?

There’s no need: all contest finalists are considered for publication, and if we come across a non-finalist entry that we’d like to publish, we will contact you.

What are OSA Enizagam’s formatting guidelines?

Please use a standard, black 12-point font and simple formatting. Single-space poems and double-space stories and essays. Do not insert images.

Do you pay for accepted work? Where do contest fees go?

Two prizes of $1,000 and publication are awarded annually for the short story and a group of poems that win the Enizagam Literary Awards in Poetry and Fiction. Contest fees support the young writers in the Literary Arts emphasis at Oakland School for the Arts. Other than that, we do not pay writers or charge reading fees.

Do you accept translations?

Yes – but they must be accompanied by a cover letter signed by both the original author (or the writer’s legal agent) and the translator.

Do you accept international submissions?

We are pleased to accept work from any point on the globe.

When will I receive notice about my submission?

Our small staff responds to writers who’ve made general submissions and contest entrants in April and May, after our judges have made their decisions.

I have been selected as a semifinalist, finalist or winner in your contest. Now I should withdraw my work from consideration elsewhere, right?

Enizagam aims to fully support our writers in building a broad readership. To that end, rather than withdrawing your work outright from consideration by other publishers, you can still be published in the journal if you:

1) Contact the other entities considering your work, and let them know you are a contest semifinalist/finalist/winner whose story will be published byEnizagam this summer; 2) confirm that they will go to press after we do (July 1 or later); 3) confirm that, should they eventually publish your work, they will print it with the standard acknowledgment.

I took a workshop with, or otherwise know, but am not related to, one of the literary competition’s judges. May I still enter?

Absolutely. We trust our judges, for one thing; for another, the literary community is small: avoiding all connections would mean declining to consider some fabulous work.

I am related to one of the literary competition’s judges. May I still enter?

Unfortunately not. In order to keep our selections process completely free of bias, we do not accept work from the Judges’ family or close friends. However, we’d love to read your piece, and you’re more than welcome to submit next year!

Can relatives of the OSA Enizagam staff submit?

Yes; however, we ask that you first contact your student to make sure that it is okay. As Enizagam has a large staff, we can make accommodations to ensure that your on-staff relative does not have a hand in deciding whether or not the piece goes to print.


Feel free to email us at enizagamjournal@gmail.com if you have any questions!