Past Contest Winners

Winners of the Enizagam Literary Contest in fiction and poetry

Issue 9 (2015):
Fiction: ¨Summer of the Shark¨ — Dima Alzayat

Poetry: ¨The Game,¨ ¨God Wants You To Go To Jail,¨ ¨A Spider-Man Must Be Born Of This Earth,¨ ¨Zennials¨ — Annie Christain


Issue 8 (2014):

Fiction: ¨B¨ — Mirene Arsanios

Poetry: ¨the floating bed,¨ ¨i was queen of the animals but then they ate me,¨ ¨bermuda 100,¨ ¨from fourth street to heat lightning (after Komunyakaa),¨ ¨chicago and the eardrum/attempted goodbye to pablo¨ — Kat Harville


Issue 7 (2013):
Fiction: ¨Child¨ — Anneliese Shultz

Poetry: ¨Boots,¨ ¨At the Appointment to Determine if Your Brother Has Post Tramatic Stress¨ ¨We Keep Forgetting The Ending¨ — Donna Steiner


Issue 6 (2012):
Fiction: ¨Cucarachero¨ — Kiki Whang

Poetry: ¨Hands and Rules,¨ ¨Crutch,¨ ¨The Fish¨ — Nikia Chaney